Trumy started its development of metallic flexible coupling design, testing and applications in 1982. Since then, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience which enables it to provide an array of high-quality, flexible solutions to the power transmitting needs of many different industries. Over three decades, Trumy has built solid relationships with many well-known process power equipment manufacturers worldwide and is quickly becoming the coupling supplier of choice for newly built industrial process equipment. Trumy achieved ISO9001 QS certification in 2003.

Located in the new high-tech development area of Wuxi, China, Trumy boasts high-accuracy machines and a professional team of 170 skilled employees, and produces more than 80,000 couplings per year. The company’s main products are flexible disc couplings and flexible diaphragm couplings compliant with both API 610 and API 671 standards.

Capacity ranges:

  • Power up to 110 MW
  • Torque up to 5 MNm
  • Maximum permissible axial displacement ± 14 mm
  • Maximum permissible angular misalignment 1 °
  • Maximum OD 1450 mm