A Trumy TDF-6-420 disc coupling and two H2M317 diaphragm couplings were ordered by a maintenance and service provider, who has been commissioned to carry out a major overhaul of a compressor train and ancillary products.

The compressor train has the following layout: turbine – high-pressure compressor – low-pressure compressor – expander.

It had previously been fitted with disc and gear couplings, but the customer decided to replace all couplings with new, completely maintenance-free units. The H2M range of diaphragm couplings is characterised by a special design, including the fitting of a double diaphragm set to allow for an extra-large amount of axial travel. The coupling duty is 2500 hp at a rated speed of 8765 rpm. All couplings will be fitted pre-stretched because of high thermal growth.