A marine-drive-line-propulsion manufacturer contacted us for a torque-measurement solution for one of its latest projects, destined for a new, to-be-built high-speed ferry. The units will be fitted between the gearbox and waterjet. Our scope of supply consisted of two off Shaft Power Meters suitable for a 440 mm shaft, including thrust measurement and two ECR readout displays.

Our customer supplied a 600 mm long flanged spacer in 42 CrMo material which was shipped to the Datum factory on the Isle of Wight. The strain gauges were fitted and the unit calibrated there, with no further calibration in the field required. The system is expected to have a total accuracy of 0.1%.

Later in the year we will introduce the Diesel Hawk feature, which provides real-time condition monitoring of each individual cylinder. This will enable shipowners to get an advance warning when a problem with the engine is expected.