We are pleased to announce a new Netherlands distributorship agreement with Datum Electronics from the UK. Based on the Isle of Wight, Datum Electronics develops, produces and sells innovative power measurement solutions such as torque sensors, torque transducers, torque meters, marine shaft power meters, load cells, amplifiers, power take off (PTO) shaft sensors and wind turbine monitoring systems.

Datum’s torsion meter systems are used on propeller shafts to measure performance data for vessels at any time. This includes shaft horsepower, torque and RPM. The systems can also compare historical data on an hourly, daily, monthly or annual basis. They are modular, have a flexible shaft fit and can be installed with minimal disruption to other onboard systems.

Datum was recently awarded a large contract from Oldendorff Carriers in Germany to retrofit their fleet with its shaft power meter systems. As well as supplying shaft power torque meters, Datum will also be responsible for installing torsion meter systems on the vessels and internal crew training.