As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of frictional shaft-hub joints, Stüwe in Hattingen, Germany, develops top-quality, highly specialised frictional connections for particularly demanding applications. Leading companies around the globe appreciate the sophistication and long service life of the company’s products, which draw on many years of high-level experience. All Stüwe’s frictional connections are based on the physical principle of moving conical rings axially in reverse directions to create compression, thus creating friction that allows the transmission of torque and/or axial force.

Stüwe’s shrink discs and other products have a wide range of advantages. They include quick & safe mounting, compact design and the reliable transmission of torque above 11,000,00 Nm. They are suitable for shaft diameters from 8 mm to more than 1,000 mm, insensitive to shock loads, impacts or corrosive environments and can be used as customised assemblies. Furthermore, they are not subject to fretting corrosion, require no special surface finish for hub and shaft, and allow for hydraulic or mechanical tightening. The principle of frictional connections allows a wide range of applications: for instance, a shrink disc can be used as a frictional shaft-hub joint or as a clamp set for installing brake discs.

All Stüwe products are assembled and disassembled quickly and easily. Many are also certified for specific uses, such as marine applications. The company can supply flange couplings, as well as flange coupling halves with adapted drilling patterns, from stock for a wide range of applications. Flange couplings with hydraulic shrink discs reduce assembly times, and thus plant downtime, to a minimum.

GGF connecting flanges for cardan shafts can be provided from stock for all standard cardan shafts. The connecting bores are produced according to customer specifications. Stüwe’s connecting flanges benefit from highly precise workmanship and are delivered quickly.