HYD shrink discs are removable machine elements with which a hollow shaft is connected to a solid shaft. The assembly is hydraulically pre-loaded under high pressure by means of a hand pump, while the self-locking tapered joint is secured with a retaining ring. These discs are assembled and removed much faster than comparable bolt-type shrink discs.

SDG shrink discs are two-piece shrink discs used to fix disc-shaped components. Their major advantages are their high performance and fast, convenient assembly.

AS locking units are used to safely fasten disc-shaped parts to shafts. This is achieved by a thread in the clamping ring or in the component, depending on the requirements. The inner clamping rings can also be equipped with centring rings.

IS internal locking units safely fasten all kinds of hubs to shafts. The self-centring locking units have self-locking taper angles. True concentric running can even be improved by pre-centring the hub. The IS4.1 units are designed especially for use with conveyor drums and the related load conditions.

WK shaft couplings are designed to provide a simple, yet safe and rigid connection between two shaft ends. They have a high capacity, which allows for relatively small shaft diameters. The longer WKL model is devised specially to compensate for larger axial distances between the shaft ends.