Datum Electronics’ Series 420 naval shaft power meter system is a tool for accurate monitoring of the performance of navy ships. It is designed to assess and monitor propeller shafts on ships by measuring shaft speed, torque and power. The condition monitoring provided by a system of this type is crucial to any modern-day vessel. The ability to accurately measure and record a ship’s power and speed data can help determine equipment condition and efficiency. It is a proactive measure that improves performance and efficiency through a ship’s transmission system.

The naval shaft power meter system measures on-shaft torque (kNm), speed of shaft rotation (rpm) and power (kW) with great precision. The relevant data comprises torque level, shaft speed and diagnostics data such as on-shaft voltage and power, and is transmitted in a digital format that can be processed and scaled. The system provides data on the power delivered that can be compared with any expected design performance, as well as ongoing data that can indicate any deviations from the expected performance level.

The propeller shaft power meters have passed demanding UK MOD and USA MIL testing programmes for the harshest of environments, and have proven themselves in a number of marine conditions, including:

  • MIL Spec std. 901-D shock
  • 167-1A 2005 Vibration
  • Safety Case to JSP430
  • Shock to Def Stan 08-120
  • EMC to Def Stan 59-41
  • Selection of Marine Torsion meters Def Stan 02-606
  • Magnetic Ranging to 08-123 DS31

Other environmental tests include Def Stan 08-123 DS28 (shock), D25 (vibration), DS24 (contamination), DS9 (temperature and humidity) and DS21 (salty atmosphere).