Datum provides marine shaft power meter systems which measure shaft torque, power, propulsion, rpm and thrust (if required), to ensure optimum performance throughout the lifecycle of a vessel. Highly accurate and reliable strain gauge technology and cutting-edge electronics give the systems an accuracy of 0.1%. They are built on Datum’s advanced technology and extensive expertise in dynamic sampling of strain gauges, enabling them to keep track of a great deal of information relevant to the performance of the engine, propulsion shaft and propeller. The systems can be fitted and commissioned within one to two days on a variety of shafts, ranging from intermediate shafts and thrusters to fixed-pitch and controllable-pitch propellers.

The shaft power meter systems enable the owners and operators of vessels to comply with all the latest international regulations. Additionally, their precise shaft power measurement can alert users to the need for essential maintenance, such as hull cleaning or engine or propeller maintenance, reducing running costs even further.