Datum’s standard M425 non-contact torque sensor range deploys strain gauge technology to provide dependable and highly precise torque measurement, as well as high noise immunity. Using shaft-to-shaft (keyway), flange-to-flange or spline in-line placement, Datum strain gauge torque sensors are ideal for a range of torque measuring applications, including engines, gears, torque testing motors and many other test bench operations.

All of Datum’s torque sensor products have been carefully designed to fit most torque sensing applications and solutions that require measurement of static or rotary torque on a rotating shaft, including engines, drive lines, transmission systems, motors or pumps, in real time.

Datum’s inline torque sensors and torque transducers have a range from 0-10 Nm to 60,000 Nm and provide a wide variety of analogue and digital outputs, including; 4-20 mA, +/-10 VDC, RS232, RS485 and USB.