High-speed pump and compressor drives are common within power generation systems and have a wide base of applications. They are found in solutions ranging from power plant boilers and condensate & feedwater pump drives to pump & compressor drives used to transport liquid & gas products through pipelines and high-speed API-specified equipment used in refineries all over the world. Between its Philadelphia, Western and WesTech brands, Philadelphia Gear has unrivalled experience in the design and manufacture of high-speed pump and compressor drives, and thousands of its units are reliably operating in this mission-critical market.

Philadelphia Gear’s line of high-speed pump and compressor drive systems are characterised by:

  • Single and double-stage designs
  • Capacity up to 60,000 kW
  • Speeds up to and above 30,000 rpm
  • Pitch-line velocities in excess of 12,000 meters per minute
  • Precision gearing (AGMA quality 12 or better)
  • Single and double helical tooth geometry configurations
  • Ratios up to 30:1
  • Fluid film bearings
  • Wet and dry sump designs
  • The option to include integral lubrication and cooling systems

Where required, Philadelphia Gear can also deploy its Synchrotorque technology to provide soft-starting and variable-speed operational capabilities for high-speed pump and compressor drive applications.