We supply a wide range of asbestos-free woven and moulded friction materials for industrial, marine and off-highway vehicle applications. For situations in which no standard material is suitable, we can rapidly produce customised prototype formulations. Intertech also delivers products which include specialty materials such as Kevlar, or parts with integrated wear indicators.

Woven lining

Intertech provides woven lining made of synthetic or organic yarns, with brass, copper or zinc wire added for improved heat resistance and tensile strength. The lining is impregnated with thermosetting resins and friction modifiers, then baked in a curing oven and ground down on both sides to achieve the desired thickness.

Woven sheet materials are tough & rigid and have excellent fade and recovery characteristics. In roll form, they are also highly flexible. Their high, stable coefficient of friction and resistance to water make them ideal for heavy-duty marine and offshore applications such as deck machinery. Specific applications include gear and clutch facings and friction cones. We also have a specially formulated laminated version for gear-toothed discs. Our 9020 quality has been awarded DNV GL type approval.

Friction Materials woven

Moulded rolls

Made from resins and fibres, moulded rolls are extruded and have added friction modifiers. After the extrusion process, the material is semi-cured and made flexible enough to be fixed on brake bands or shoes. Upon reheating in a curing oven or during a vulcanisation process, when the material is bonding to its metal counterpart, the material becomes fully cured and hardened. Various qualities can be supplied, each with different coefficient of friction properties to suit any particular application.

Friction Materials moulded roll

Moulded sheets

Moulded sheets are available with coefficient of friction values between 0.12 and 0.60. They are made from a blend of up to 40 raw materials, including aramid and other fibres, rubber, and friction modifiers such as graphite. The material is mixed, pressed and post-cured in an oven.

A wide range of finished parts are machined from sheet materials such as industrial disc brake pads, friction clutches, press blocks, railway pads and for any other type of machinery which requires motion control and stopping.

Bonding and relining services

In our workshop, we offer a complete range of bonding and relining services by means of mechanical bonding, adhesives or a combination of both. Parts are machined on lathes or milling machines or cut by water jet machines and vulcanised in special curing ovens to their final state.

We also offer brass bolts & nuts, semi-tubular copper rivets and adhesives separately for customers who need the work done on location or prefer to do it themselves.