The Torquetronic™ continuous-duty torque measurement system directly measures the absorbed power of equipment that is mechanically driven by gas or steam turbines for accurate power measurement of turbo machinery in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Since it was introduced in 1974, over 1300 systems have been installed in upstream, midstream and downstream applications worldwide, making this the de facto industry standard.

The Torquetronic™ system provides repeatable and accurate torque measurement with a precision of one per cent, ensuring continuous validation of process and turbine performance in the demanding environments of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. SIL2 functional safety versions allow for process control with 2003 voting.

The Torquetronic™ system uses phase shift technology to avoid the need for rotating electronics used by strain gauge devices, thereby eliminating the complex rotor dynamics created by intermeshed signal teeth. It can be integrated with disc or diaphragm couplings and is supplied with all the necessary coupling guards as standard.